Arrested & Served with Warrant for Assault Family Violence #Laredo

On 4/8/19 at approximately 11:42 AM, 21 year old, Libna Shalmall Rodriguez was arrested at the 4700 block of Maher Ave and served with a warrant for Assault Family Violence C/A. She was booked and processed then remanded to Webb County Jail in lieu of a $1,000 bond.

The case unfolded on 2/10/19 at approximately 12:20 AM when the Laredo Police Department responded to the 600 block of Alamo St for a domestic disturbance. When officers arrived, they encountered a male and female who were engaged in an argument. Officers separated both parties and spoke to each individually. Initially neither claimed the argument became physical, but after an investigation into the incident it was discovered that Rodriguez was the aggressor and the male was the victim. According to the victim, the argument started because Rodriguez questioned the victim’s fidelity. In the middle of the argument, Rodriguez then began punching the victim in the arm/shoulder area. As the victim tried to leave, the female grabbed a broom swinging it at the victim.

Rodriguez was initially arrested on scene and charged with Assault Family Violence C/A but due to a recent medical incident, she would not be accepted at Webb County Jail. Rodriguez was released from custody and the case was then presented to the District Attorney’s office at a later date for a warrant approval. The District Attorney’s Office determined there was enough evidence and sufficient probable cause to secure a warrant of arrest for Rodriguez.

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