Arrested & Charged with Burglary of Building/ Terroristic Threat & Possession of #Marijuana

On 4/8/19 at approximately 8:35 AM, the Laredo Police Department responded to a robbery call in the 2200 block of Zaragoza St. Upon arrival, the officer met with the victim who stated that an unknown male subject entered the business and went into an office locking the door behind him. According to the victim, the subject then started searching through the items inside the office and located a jar where money is kept by the victim. The victim then went to the door and asked the male subject to unlock and open it to which the victim complied. The victim then escorted the male subject outside the business where a physical altercation ensued. After the parties separated, the male subject left the area but not before telling the victim that he, the suspect, would return and for the victim to be careful. The victim then stated that the male subject may be in the area of the 2200 block of Zaragoza St. and provided a description of the male subject.

Officers made their way to that location and discovered a male matching the description provided by the victim. The officers identified the male subject as 20 year old, Eliud Batres. While being detained he was found to be in possession of Marijuana. Officers then reviewed the surveillance footage of the business and confirmed Batres as the suspect.

Batres was placed under arrest and charged with Burglary of Building SJF, Terroristic Threat C/B, and Possession of Marijuana C/B. Batres was transported to the Laredo Police Department for booking and processing then remanded to Webb County Jail in lieu of No Bond as set.

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