Charged with Aggravated #Kidnapping #Laredo

On 3/14/19, at approximately 2:45 AM, the Laredo Police Department responded to an unknown traffic by Ugarte St. and San Francisco Ave. While the officers are en-route to the location, Laredo Police Department Dispatch advises that they have the female caller on the line who is stating she was forced inside a vehicle and was provided updated locations of where she and the suspect were traveling by. Responding officers observed a vehicle matching the description and direction of travel provide by the female victim in the 400 block of O’kane St.

An officer activates the emergency overhead lights of the marked patrol unit to initiate a traffic violation stop on the vehicle. The officers approached the vehicle and observed a male and female inside. The male subject is detained as the female states she was the one that called for help.

According to the victim, she was standing at the corner of he 3900 block of San Bernardo Ave waiting for a friend to pick her up, when the male subject, identified as 65 year old, Guillermo Castilla, approached her and told her to get into his vehicle while brandishing a knife. When the female refused, according to the victim, Guillermo grabbed her by the wrist and forced her inside the vehicle and drove off. The victim stated that she was able to call for help while Guillermo was distracted inside the vehicle. As per the victim, she had no relation to Guillermo or has ever seen him prior to the incident.

Guillermo was placed under arrest and charged with Aggravated Kidnapping. He was then remanded to Webb County Jail in lieu of No Bond as set by Judge L. Martinez. A Gerber utility knife was seized as evidence and logged into the Laredo Police Department Property Room.

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