Arrested for Public Intoxication #Laredo

On 3/12/19 at 7:40 PM, the Laredo Police Department responded to a civil disturbance call in the 4400 block of US HWY 83. Upon arrival, the officer was alerted to a white in color Chevy Pickup with a male subject in the front seat. The officer positioned his marked unit behind the pickup and activated his emergency lights before approaching the Chevy. As the officer is approaching the Chevy, the officer is met with a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from inside the vehicle. The officer then observed the male subject sitting in the driver’s seat with the keys in the ignition but the vehicle off. The male subject also appeared to have possibly urinated on himself as evidenced by a wet stain in the crotch area of his shorts. When asked if he was okay, the male subject stated that he had run out of gas.

The officer asked the male subject to exit the vehicle to which he complied. The officer then noticed that the male subject had poor balance and escorted the male subject to the back of the marked unit. According to witnesses, the male subject had began yelling profanities and then whistling at a woman while motioning for her to come towards him. An employee of the gas station advised that the male subject had been there for roughly two hours prior to LPD arriving at scene.

After gathering the information, the officer placed the male subject, identified as 48 year old, Jesus Acosta under arrest for Public Intoxication C/C. Jesus was booked, cited, and released with a pending court date at Laredo Municipal Court.

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