#Laredo Sector Border Community Liaison Program Presented at Career Day Events

The Laredo Sector Border Community Liaison (BCL) Program presented at local schools during various career day events in Laredo, Texas.

On March 8, agents presented at career day events at Antonio Gonzalez Jr. and Salvador Garcia Middle Schools and the Careers on Wheels Day at United Day School.

During the career days, agents educated over 1,200 students about the various programs available to be part of during a career with the United States Border Patrol.  The presentation covered the requirements to become a Border Patrol agent along with what an agent goes through at the Border Patrol Academy.  They were also informed about what an agent faces and the efforts involved in securing our Nation’s borders and keeping our communities safe on a daily basis.

Students were interested in everything from what level of education is needed to join the Border Patrol to the rewarding aspects of working for the agency.  They also showed interest in the starting salary for agents and the career progression/advancement within the ranks. 

At the Careers on Wheels, students were able to get a hands on demonstration of various assets used daily by agents in keeping our community safe. 

All students were highly encouraged to complete their education and continue their post-high school education.

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