#Tornado Drill on Wednesday March 6 @ 10:00 AM CST #Laredo

The spring severe weather season is here, thus it’s time to review your severe weather safety plans/procedures.  To assist with your preparedness efforts, your National Weather Service Forecast Office in Corpus Christi will be conducting our annual Tornado drill. This drill will allow all South Texan’s the opportunity to exercise their tornado safety plans and sheltering procedures.  

Tornado Drill Details:   On Wednesday March 6, 2019, at 10:00 AM CST, we will start the drill by sending a test message across NOAA Weather Radio. Therefore you will want to ensure your NOAA Weather Radio is powered on, working, and has a fresh set of batteries.  This EAS message will be sent in the form of a required weekly test (RWT), which we normally conduct every Wednesday.  At that time, you should execute your predefined tornado sheltering procedures.  (caution, some of the Midland brand NOAA Weather Radio’s do not sound an audible alarm for test messages). 

Media Partners… We graciously ask for your participation in the Tornado drill by playing or scrolling a brief message on Television or Radio at 10 AM so citizens of south Texas can exercise their tornado safety plans and procedures.  (again EAS will be activated in the form of a required weekly test (RWT), however we will not activate a real Tornado Warning EAS code)

RSVP… if your home, school or business is planning to participate in this Tornado Drill, please let us know on this form.   
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Thanks Everyone!Most Sincerely,John
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