Charged with Burglary of Vehicle & Theft #Laredo

On 2/12/19, at approximately 1:33 am, the Laredo Police Department received an anonymous call stating they saw a vehicle collide with a sign in the 3500 block of IH 35. Officers learned that the vehicle, a black 2007 Chrysler Sebring had left the scene.

Officers spotted the vehicle and identified the driver as 20 year old, DOMINIQUE GUZMAN. While investigating the accident, other officers were dispatched to a burglary of vehicle in the 7000 block of San Bernardo at approximately 1:11 am. Officers at San Bernardo were informed that the suspect vehicle was a black in color Chrysler. The victim stated that suspect(s) stole her Visa card, check book, driver’s license and phone charger. Officers at the accident scene discovered the stolen items in the back seat of the Chrysler. During the investigation GUZMAN became very nervous about the items found and later confessed that her and her boyfriend had committed the burglary. The boyfriend was not located by Police.

GUZMAN was placed under arrest and charged with Burglary of Vehicle C/A, Theft of Property C/A and Duty on striking fixture C/B. GUZMAN was also served with arrest warrant for Theft of Property from a previous case. The warrant was signed by JP Quintana with a $750 dollar bond. The stolen items were returned to the victim. More arrests and charges are pending.

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