Thirty-four Illegal Aliens Rescued from Three Flatbed Trailer Compartments #Laredo

Within a few minutes of each other, U.S. Border Patrol manning the Interstate Highway 35 checkpoint encountered three separate commercial vehicles hauling flatbed trailers in which 34 illegal aliens were being smuggled in hidden compartments.   


The incidents occurred on the afternoon of Jan. 30. The first commercial truck approached the primary lane of inspection


About a minute later, a second tractor trailer approached and the same results occurred with a different service canine. That vehicle was also referred to secondary inspection. 


Minutes later, the third commercial vehicle approached and again a service canine alerted positively. 


In secondary, a search of the three flatbed trailers revealed false compartments located underneath the trailers. A total of 34 illegal aliens were rescued from these compartments. All were found to be in good health and no medical attention was needed. 


The illegal aliens and all three drivers were arrested and escorted into the checkpoint to be processed accordingly. All three drivers were determined to be Cuban nationals legally in the United States. The illegal aliens were determined to be 21 from Guatemala, nine from Mexico, two from Ecuador, one from El Salvador and one from Honduras. Prosecution was turned over to special agents from Homeland Security Investigations. 


All three commercial trucks and trailers were seized by the U.S. Border Patrol. 

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