#Laredo Sector Border Patrol participates in UISD Centeno Elementary “Centenoville”

The Laredo Sector Border Community Liaison Program participated in a ribbon cutting ceremony for Centenoville a R.C. Centeno Elementary in Laredo, Texas. 


On December 19, twenty students from the school were sworn-in as junior Border Patrol agents to promote community safety and security. The students will police the hallways and hand out “citations” for misconduct (running/horse playing).


Before swearing-in the agents, Assistant Chief Patrol Agent Enrique Martinez told the students, “We hold our agents to the highest standards. Do what is right and listen to your teachers and parents. Above all, support your community.”


The students swore an oath


Centenoville is a simulated city that allows the 900 students of R.C. Centeno Elementary to create a virtual society and become citizens in Centenoville. In its fourth year, these students play the role of every day citizens through the replication of businesses, organizations, and government. 


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