Tijerina Responds to Canales’ Public Corruption Charge #WEBBCOUNTY

Yesterday we received Jamie Canales’ letter of resignation and a few hours later we discovered he and Jonny Amaya pled guilty to public corruption charges.


Most, if not all, elected positions have a certain level of power. While many candidates focus a lot of time, money, and energy trying to win that position of power; some don’t know how to handle the position once they are elected. They forget that the position also carries with it a very high level of trust. It’s unfortunate to hear that one of our colleagues gave into temptation and succumbed to the offers of private financial gain. Sadly, in doing so, he also violated the same trust that the voters gave him when he was elected. I hope this serves as a reminder to all elected officials to not use your trusted position for private gain.


It is finally time to end the corruption that lurks in shadows of Webb County Government. This is a clear victory for Webb County and serves as a warning that things done in darkness will be brought into the light. This is the time, more than ever, for our community to come together in unity and pray for our leaders, to hold them accountable, and to rise above our past and look forward to a future of better government.


I pledge to you, Webb County, to continue to hold elected officials to a higher standard and do my part to end corruption.

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