#Laredo Named 3rd Best Comeback City in the Country

Securitychoice.com recently named the city of Laredo as the 3rd most improved city in terms of its decreasing crime rate. Laredo ranked just behind Myrtle Beach, SC, a stalwart for tourism, and America’s motor city, Detroit, MI. The 2.8% decrease of crime over a ten year span (2006-2016) also has Laredo ranked 1st in terms of cities with a population between 100,000 and 300,000.


This study also showed that Laredo had an almost 50% decrease in violent crime from 2006 numbers compared to those of 2016. In 2006, Laredo logged in 6,164 violent crimes for the year while in 2016; only 3,916 violent crimes for the year were logged in- a decrease of 45.43%. 


During this time span, Laredo Police Department also added over 100 officers to its patrol division which is directly responsible for crime prevention. Of the decrease in crime, Chief of Police Claudio Trevino Jr stated the following, “This decrease in crime is a reflection of the proactive tactics taken by our patrol division and the overall increase in size of that division.” Chief Trevino continued his praise for his patrolman by adding “Our patrolmen are out on the streets of Laredo, actively patrolling around the clock to ensure the community of Laredo is safe, and the statistics do not lie. Rain or shine, the men and women of our uniformed patrol division are our first line of defense to crime and they have done an outstanding job in keeping our crime rates low.”


“Our detectives divisions tirelessly work to indentify the criminals engaging in similar or organized crimes and have conducted various operations that have yielded successful results. The tenacity and skills of our detectives have been the “game changer” in our strides in getting criminals off our streets.”



Laredo, TX has an estimated population of over 250,000 residents, but what makes Laredo unique when comparing it to other cities on the list is the proximity to the border. Laredo had previously gained notoriety because of its proximity to the border and its high crime rates as a result, but Chief Trevino says that is a thing of the past. “Laredo was the highest ranked border city on the list and the highest ranked in the state of Texas. Laredo beat out the bigger cities of Dallas, Corpus Christi and even fellow border town El Paso to be named the 3rd comeback city in the nation”.  


Lastly, Chief Trevino wants to thank the community of Laredo for their continued support in reporting crime and ensure them that they are safe. “We encourage all residents of Laredo to report any crimes in progress or suspicious activity to the Laredo Police Department.  The Laredo Police Department always has the safety of the community in mind. Our patrolmen have decreased response time, increased vigilance and visibility throughout the streets of Laredo, but most importantly they have provided a sense of safety to the community of Laredo.” 


The Laredo Police Department encourages all residents of Laredo to report any crimes in progress or suspicious activities to our non-emergency phone line (956) 795-2800 and in the case of an emergency 911. Residents may also provide any tips toLaredo Crimes Stoppers at (956) 727-TIPS (8477).

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