#Laredo Sector Border Patrol Implements a Sector Mobile Response Team

The Laredo Sector of the U.S. Border Patrol has implemented a Sector Mobile Response Team (MRT).

Agents of the MRT completed a two-week certification-training program that reflects the necessary mission capabilities needed to prepare them for extended and physically tasking operations in harsh and often austere environments. The training consisted of instructions in the following areas: medical practical skills, tactical carbine and pistol, listening post/observation post, patrolling and small unit tactics, tactical interdictions, pepper-ball launching system, FN-303 less-lethal launcher, chemical munitions, protective masks, mobile field force and land navigation.

The MRT provides the U.S. Border Patrol with a flexible and enhanced response capability to counter the emerging, changing and evolving threats in the most challenging operational areas along our Nation’s borders.

MRT’s advanced objectives are set forth in the National Border Patrol Strategy through risk-based strategy for operations, rapid response, planning, training and personnel development.  Additionally, MRT provides LRT with a rapid response element available for deployment to high threat areas throughout the sector’s area of responsibility as directed by the Chief Patrol Agent.

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