Heat Advisory – Shade, Rest and Hydrate #LAREDO

We are in a severe heat wave that can cause heat stress and heat stroke and it can lead to serious health problems, therefore we are advising the public to take precautions.

Everyone should to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water even if you are not thirsty, stay in cool shaded areas and take plenty of breaks if you are working or playing outdoors and never leave children or pets alone in the car alone and with no ventilation. Heat stroke is a serious problem that causes high body temperature, red, hot skin and dry, headache, dizziness, nausea, confusion and can cause unconsciousness.

Heat Prevention Tips:

  • NEVER leave anyone in a closed, parked vehicle even for a minute

o   10 minutes ~ 19 deg F

o   20 minutes ~ 29 deg F

o   30 minutes ~ 34 deg F

o   60 minutes ~ 43 deg F

o   1 to 2 hours ~ 45-50 deg F

  • Limit vigorous activity during hot, humid weather.
  • Wear loose-fitting, lightweight and light-colored clothing.
  • Drink more water than you need to satisfy your thirst. Limit drinks that can cause dehydration such as soda and coffee and avoid alcohol.
  • Ask your doctor if any health condition or medication put you at risk for health illness
  • Protect yourself from the sun (wear sunglasses, hat, umbrella and sunscreen with a SPF of 15 or higher).
  • During hot periods of the day stay indoors and seek relief in shade, keep cool! Use an air conditioner or go to a cool place (community center, senior citizen center, library, mall).
  • Monitor high-risk persons for signs of heat related illness; check on children and older neighbors and family members at least twice a day to make sure they are safe.
  • Always check the back seat to make sure children and pets are not left behind
  • If you exercise in the heat, try to schedule vigorous exercise during the cooler morning or evening

Persons Need To Watch for: Heat illness (body loses the ability to regulate temperature with heavy sweating). Symptoms vary, but can have red, flushed skin, rapid strong pulse, throbbing headache, dizziness, nausea, muscle cramps, dehydration, confusion and unconsciousness.

Heat Exhaustion: profuse sweating, fast weak pulse, paleness, muscle cramps, weakness, may faint!

Heat Stroke: Persons stop sweating, high temperature, are dry, fast strong pulse, headache, dizzy, nauseated, confused, and can lose consciousness

CALL 911 immediately. 

  • Move the person to a shaded or air-conditioned area.
  • Spray or sponge them with cool water (shower or immerse in a tub with cool water).
  • Attempt to get the body temperature lowered to 101 to 102 degrees.
  • Keep the person lying down (raise their feet) and continue to cool the body. Watch for breathing problems.
  • If the victim refuses water, vomits, or if there are changes in consciousness, call 911.

Let’s remember our Pets as well, (A dog that is beginning to overheat will often act distressed and restless while panting excessively)

  • Keep pets in shade, cool areas and with plenty of water and never leave them alone in closed car or building without ventilation
  • Get your dog out of direct heat.
  • Check for shock. Signs include: collapse, body temperature 104° F+, bloody diarrhea or vomit, depression stupor, seizures or coma, excessive panting or difficulty breathing, increased heart rate, salivation.
  • Take the temperature if over 103, Spray your dog with cool water then retake temperature
  • Place water-soaked towels on the dog’s head, neck feet, chest and abdomen, turn on a fan and point it in your dog’s direction, rub Isopropyl alcohol (70%) on the dog’s foot pads to help cool him but don’t use large quantities
  • Take your dog to the nearest veterinary hospital if have any of these signs.
  • Don’t put your pet in the back of a truck
  • Provide plenty of fresh water (to avoid pet heat exhaustion, make sure your pets have access to cool, fresh water all day long.
  • Keep your pets safe and healthy year-round
  • Failure to follow these steps may result in cruelty and neglect charges and citations

If you would like more information about heat illness contact the following City Departments: City of Laredo Health Department at (956) 795-4918, Fire Department at (956) 956-718-6000, Police Department at (956) 795-2800, Animal Care Services at 956-625-1860, or your physician.

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