JUDGE VICTOR VILLARREAL’S FIRST FUNDRAISER yesterday was a phenomenal success. The room was packed, even beyond SRO capacity–reminiscent of his swearing-in ceremony.

Guests were a cross-section of the community, family, and friends.

Judge Victor Villarreal‘s speech was meaningful and memorable. Strictly positive and optimistic, he emphasized that Webb County Court-at-Law II would now be the people’s court with equal access to equal justice for all.

In the presence of those who know him best, including his pastor and former law school dean at UT, he underscored his commitment to honesty, fairness, integrity, and hard work.

Emphatic, dynamic, respectful, sincere, humble, and likable, Judge Villarreal never reflected the shallowness, hypocrisy, and pandering that too often are highlighted in campaign announcements.

Clearly, this man of faith is an outstanding public servant who has shut the door on the corruption and cronyism that festered under Chuy Garza’s administration. I hope you will support him. It is a new day in this Webb County court. Bravo!


~ Judith Zaffirini

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